Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

When this card appears I see good luck, destiny, karma and life cycles. You are exactly where you should be in your life.
9 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

This card is about gratitude, self-sufficiency and appreciation. It is about all of the hard work and effort you have put in to get you to where you are now.
Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

This knight is reliable, hard-working, stable, and strong. I would pick him for my team anyday!

10 of swords

As for most people, December was an extremely busy month for me.  Tarot is an excellent and popular way to help gather your thoughts on wrapping up the old year and making plans for the new.   I am often invited to read at holiday parties and celebrations of all kinds.

At one particularly festive and upbeat event, my line seemed to be growing as the night went on.   Each guest coming to hear what hopeful and promising news I could share.  A lovely young woman sat down with me and we began the initial ritual of my asking if she had ever had a reading and then if she had a particular topic or question that she would like to discuss.    She shared that this was not her first reading and that a certain card has been showing up for her lately, not only in readings, but also, she once saw this card laying in the street, almost waiting to be noticed by her.

I was listening to her and watching closely as I asked, “would you mind sharing with me the card you are referencing?”  She said she felt it would appear again with us that evening as she shuffled the cards.   Then, just as she stated the name and turned over the top card, we both took in a breath.   It was  . . .  the TEN OF SWORDS.  Cue the twilight music!

It would be an understatement to say that this card is no picnic with rainbows and unicorns!

Just one look at this card with a man laying facing down on the ground and showing ten swords piercing his body from the base of his neck all the way down to his lower body, anyone can see his ending was not easy or pretty.   Out, past where his body lies is a large body of water (an ocean?), and even further than that is a hilly/mountainous landscape.  The ocean is mysterious and deep, it is strong and not something man can fight or control.  The ocean appearing is about releasing control of that which we do not have the ability to influence.   The sky above is dark, even black but on the horizon is a bright rising sun.   The color black is the absence of light or illumination, meaning we may be in the dark to the true nature of our situation.  The bright sun is a new fire-y energy, a new beginning – possibly inspiring us, possibly testing us . . . will we be able to find new faith from this loss?

Swords represent the element of air.   The suit of swords cards (of which there is an ace-ten, then a page, knight, queen and king) are associated with change, action and courage.   Swords are also associated with the mind and intellect - it is a very strategic/thinking suit.  In the swords, action can lead to accomplishments, but it can also lead to conflict, struggle and even hostility.

The ten of swords appears to be a card of a terrible setback or failure, but, surprisingly, it often represents drama that is more theatrical than real.   For example, finding the humor in a situation that you initially thought disastrous?  Or, once the initial crisis has passed, realizing you have options you had not considered.

This card *can* be about hitting rock bottom.  I do not want to diminish the down side of this card.    There is misfortune and adversity in this world and it is no laughing matter.   Feeling heavy hearted and distressed are very normal reactions.    This leads to another meaning of this card, feeling the victim.  Or, being the martyr.    The real test of this card is not necessarily *what* happened, not everything (or I should say VERY LITTLE) is in our control.  What is on our control, is *how* we move forward.

The ten of swords says it is time to check your approach, mindset, and  perspective.  Are you biased?  Is there a new point of view to be considered?   Is your temperament/demeanor right for what needs to be done?

What will your life look like when the dark sky lifts and the bright sun shines?

I have thought of this lovely woman a few times since our reading last month.  Her situation was challenging, even unfair.  But her attitude is what brings me back.  I know she is on the right path.

What 10 of swords moments have required you to change course, get perspective or find your backbone?

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Until the next time . . .

fool tarotHappy New Year!

Is it possible that another year has passed?   That we are at the dawn of 2015?   What big moments come to mind as you think about 2014?  What were your big adventures?

It is my ritual each year to pull one of my title “Trump” cards in order to get a feel for the energy and possibility of the new year, to get a sneak peak so to speak!

When I pulled The Fool, I kid you not when I say I was actually excited to see this card. With his vibrant yellow background, whimsical floral tunic and loyal furry companion, I thought . . . . adventure awaits!

The veiled meaning for this card insinuates it is time to abandon the old and start something new,  a new phase in life begins, a risk must be taken.

The message of The Fool is to fear nothing.  He is divinely guided and always protected.   Free of fear, he has the freedom to go where his heart desires.

The Fool stands for each of us as we enter a new phase of our lives.   A new year so often signifies new cycles, and from many of the readings and conversations I have had recently, I feel the time is ripe with opportunity.

The Fool has a desire to achieve goals, but he must be careful to make the right choices.   It is important to trust your own judgment and to plan for the future.

With The Fool’s leadership you are being given the abilities and tools to break free from old ties and habits.  The Fool’s guidance allows you to be an individual . . . someone you know well (yourself!).

The Fool is the number zero (0) which is the number of unlimited potential.  He is similar to the Joker card in a traditional deck in the way that he can show up anywhere, and even replace any of the other cards.   The Fool is the spirit of chaos, things that are unanticipated.     In 2015, you should expect the unexpected.

The Fool is one of four cards in the deck that represent an element, in this case, the element of Air.  Air, like the wind,  is free and moves at it own whim and pace.

The Fool is also represented by the planet Uranus.  Uranus is know as a curious and offbeat planet, and it shows its colors in The Fool in its unruly, authentic and creative ways.

Fool Osho ZenWhen The Fool appears, it is a message to look at the mistakes of the past and to take notice of all of the lessons that have been learned.  As you move forward, learn from the past, learn for yourself and for the benefit of others.

Questions to ask yourself this year:  If my life is my message . . . what kind of a message am I sending?  Am I following my dreams/what are my dreams?  What do I value most (and why)?  Where would you leap if you took a leap of faith?  Where in your life could you use some fool energy?

What is your plan of action this year?  Where will you be taking risks and making changes,?  How will you start?  Do you need a tarot reading or assistance in making your plan?

Reach out and let me know what The Fool means to you this year.

May 2015 be a year of joy, adventure, growth and faithfulness.

I am available for readings, events, private parties, and to teach you the magical language of tarot.

Until the next time . . . . .

pageofcups big


As we head into the holidays and end of the year madness, I selected our latest card . . . the Page of Cups.

The reason I chose this card is partially because (if you read my last blog http://www.dinaberrin.com/2014/11/12/show-your-true-colors/) I promised I would, and partially because I felt it is a great way to start this season.

So often, the end of the year is looked at as the end of a cycle. A new opportunity for us to start again.  New Year’s resolutions and goals are created, intentions are set, and so it goes.

So, what happens right before we get ready to set our goals?

As we move towards this auspicious time, let’s get the juices flowing and get you thinking about what is possible.

As we come upon the Page of Cups, we find a young man dressed somewhat flamboyantly in a blue tunic with a floral print.  He is sporting a free spirited type of beret with a long, flowing scarf attached to it, blue again.   He stands alone with the flowing sea behind him, a reference to our subconscious mind.   He is looking intently at a golden cup which he carries in his hand.  To his surprise, a fish pops it head out of the cup (and appears to be speaking to him).   Crazy, right?   This scene sums up the essence of the Page of Cups . . .the unexpected and surprising nature of inspiration, creativity and intuition.

The spark of illumination comes upon us at the most unexpected times and very often in a way which we do not understand.  Sometimes you just have to trust the process.

Pages have a playful spirit and childlike quality about them  The Page of Cups has a free imagination,  is ready to dream and create the life s/he chooses.  With this energy you can find the part of yourself that is now ready for full expression.

If an event, the Page of Cups can be pregnancy, the birth of a child, a sign of a new relationship or friendship, a new level of happiness in a current relationship, or anything relating to emotional beginnings.  This may appear “out of the blue”.   The color blue, which stands for expression and communication is one of the main colors seen in this card .   Another preeminent color in this card is pink, which appears in the flowers, shirt sleeves and tights.  Pink adds to and enhances the idea of fertility and romance, also showing this page is sensitive and  has a fertile imagination.

Personified, the Page of Cups is a true romantic.   This person would be gentle and compassionate, imaginative and artistic.  He stresses the importance of peace and tranquility and may have a hard time dealing with conflict.  He may be dreamy and somewhat detached, moody and impractical but he is also very rooted and comes from a very solid place.

This page shows a side of your self that needs to be strengthened and built up.  As a society we risk becoming detached from our imaginative side as we become more and more dependent on technology.

The page tells you to never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams.

As we begin thinking about what goals we are willing and able to commit to this coming year, here are a few questions for you to consider:  What is your creative outlet?  What does your intuition tell you?  Where can you be a little more tender or emotional?  Do you have your own personal style?  Is it time to shop for something bold and outrageous to wear to the big holiday party?  What is your dream?

If you are looking for guidance, are getting together with a few friends or just want someone fun to come and entertain your guests while you cook/drink/socialize at your own event, reach out and we can talk about how I can make your 2015 a year to remember.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until the next time . . .

wheel of fortune colorfulHello and welcome to old friends and new!

If you are just jumping in, I have been speaking of color lately.    I have dedicated each of my last six blog posts to one color.   This posting is a recap of what we have discussed, with a few new additions (I know how curious you are!).   Please feel free to go back and read more.

Let’s jump in, and please let me know what additional or different meanings these colors have for you.

Do you notice how large of a role color plays in our lives? Color influences our mood, energy, environment, personality and even our health.    In the tarot, there is a system and traditions for why card have a certain number, symbol, name and even color.

Color can be a bridge for you between reading the tarot and seeking a corresponding meaning in your daily life.   You may not know the individual meaning, title and symbolism in each card, but if certain colors are present, it can give you an overall energy or feeling for what is happening.  Learning to trust your instinct is an essential element of tarot reading.

What is your color and why?

Violet (purple) – Healing, spirituality, psychic development, unconscious wisdom.  Magic and mystery.  Purple is associated with the Moon and expansion and good fortune.  Beauty, creativity and inspiration.  Crown Chakra (top of head) connects us to the universe and the divine.

Blue – In divination, blue is associated with high ideals and purity.  Blue is the element of water, coolness, peace and tranquility.  Self expression, introspection and sensitivity.  Knowledge, health,decisiveness, winter.   Throat chakra and communication.

Green – Nature, fertility, money, finances, jealousy, protection and healing.  It symbolizes balance, health, self respect and harmony.  Promotes change and growth. Self control, balance and love.  Summer.  Heart Chakra which is love and a higher consciousness.

Yellow – Communication, success, power, clarity, warmth, optimism, use your head.  Self worth, creativity.  Promotes clarity and concentration.  Associated with joy and the Sun.  Spring. Governs the Solar Plexus Chakra, located below the ribs, deals with identity.

Orange – Independence or equality in partnerships and self respect.  Very optimistic, full of power, creativity, vitality,  endurance and healing. Happiness, confidence, resourcefulness, and season of Autumn.  Associated with Mercury (planet of communication).   Sacral Chakra (lower abdomen) which rules sexuality and reproduction.

Red – Fertility,self confidence,  challenges, passion, fire, anger, and self awareness.  Represents action, survival, security and courage. Red represents Mars. Base/Root Chakra (situated at base of spine), and deals with basic survival needs.

Pink – Love, beauty, calm, peace, reconciliation, children, patience and perseverance.

White – Purity, new beginnings and ventures, clear vision, strong energy, original ideas, wholeness.  Take positive action.

Black – Letting go of old sorrows and griefs for acceptance and transformation.  Introspection.  In divination black represents the ending of a period in life.  It could mean release.  It could also mean absorption (like a black hole).  Restless and emptiness, mystery.  What is unseen.

Gray – Timeless, practical and solid.  Loss or depression, unsettling, expectant.

Brown – Planting seeds, earth, grounding, money, animals, and older people.  Simplicity.  Autumn.

As you take the time to really think about each of these meanings, do you agree?  Disagree?  Feel some need to be tweaked a bit?

So, are you up for a challenge?

I am.

Please see below,  the Page of Cups.

page_of_cupsWhat is going on in this card?  Do you notice a color pattern?  What colors are here (even if in small amounts) and what is not?  What jumps out at you first?  Is the energy of this card positive?  Does the figure in this card make you feel happy, sad, hopeful, skeptical or maybe just like laughing because his outfit is so silly?

Challenge:   If you were to give yourself or a friend advice based on this picture and the colors involved, what would you say?

Let me be your friend for this reading.  Reply to me or post a comment on my Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dina-Berrin/110319915692369 - and if you have not liked me yet, please do . . . .  (what are you waiting for?)

Tell me what you see.

In return, for my next blog, I will make the Page of Cups our card and we will speak of color, meaning, symbolism and even his clothing!   Deal?

While you are getting your tarot skills on, please note that the holidays are approaching.  I am available to spice up the end of the year with individual readings, private parties, corporate events and special celebrations.   The time to book is NOW.

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Until the next time . . . .

purple cowThe final color we will explore on our adventure of how tarot and color work together is the vibrant and magnetic . . . . . can you tell I am a fan?. . . PURPLE.  I will summarize the colors in my next blog and will continue to reference them as we move forward and explore other areas of tarot.


Remember when you were younger and in school, you were taught what colors mixed together would make other colors?  Well, purple is the combination of calm, cool, serene blue (see blog about blue here :  http://www.dinaberrin.com/2014/08/25/out-of-the-blue/) and fierce, hot, energetic red (see blog about red here:  http://www.dinaberrin.com/2014/05/12/red-carpet-ready/).

So, you ask, what does that bring us?

When positive, these colors work together to boost imagination and creativity.  Purple is intuitive and spiritual, and maybe a little secretive.  Purple is a powerful color with high ambitions, dreams and desires.  Purple is uplifting and calming.   And the flip side?  When these colors are not working to their highest potential, purple can be moody, irritable, impatient and/or arrogant.  Purple is independent and does not like to have ideas or beliefs imposed upon by others.

Purple is a color that rarely shows up in nature and as a result it is seen as having sacred meaning.  The flowers Lavender, Orchid, Lilac and Violet are all consider delicate and precious.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Purple Cow” ?  It is sometimes used to describe something that is unique, remarkable, eye catching or unusual.   Go ahead, Google it, you will see that a book has even been written about it!

In ancient Rome,  the Emperor’s Julius and Augustus Caesar were referred to as ‘The Purple’ and were the only ones allowed to wear purple Imperial robes.

Later, in ancient Rome, Magistrates were permitted to wear togas with purple ribbons.  But, any other use of the color Purple was punishable by death! The color purple is associated with luxury, royalty, power, nobility and ambition.    Its meaning is often linked with wealth, wisdom, devotion, magic, pride, independence, creativity, mystery and extravagance.

purple moon

The color purple is associated with luxury, royalty, power, nobility and ambition.    Its meaning is often linked with wealth, wisdom, devotion, magic, pride, independence, creativity, mystery and extravagance.


So what about the color purple in the tarot?    In the Lovers card, the Archangel Raphael presides over a scene quite similar to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.   Raphael, the angel of Air, who is floating above the figures, is cloaked in purple.   Air is about communication, thought, strategy, mental strength and intelligence.  When purple shows up on a tarot card it implies that guidance and assistance from the highest realm is now available.   Meaning collaboration with communication and all air issues are getting a little extra charge.   It may also indicate that a karmic or vital life lesson is to be learned.

The Lovers card is not so much about love itself but about the commitments and decisions we make.  This card can be about uncertainty, and about the process we all go through when making big life decisions.

The Lovers is linked to Venus, the planet of love and with it bring in the gentle energy of giving, sharing, beauty and harmony.    With the influence of Mercury, the planet of communication, the message is to keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds.  Level headed thinking and strong communications are the foundation for any relationship whether it be for business, family, friendship, love or other.

Questions to consider:  How and where does the color purple show up in your life?  What area of your life would benefit from you doing something unusual or dynamic?  What makes you unique?  How can you use your creativity to make a positive change?  Who is your inner Purple Cow and how can you invite him/her to come out and play?

I support you as you explore what is coming up next for you.  If you would like to schedule a private session, small group or party, please reach out to me.   I am booking sessions for later October and the remainder of the year.

As always, I welcome your stories and connections.  I wish you awareness and success in all of your pursuits.

Until the next time . . .