Lord of Dominion

Lord of Dominion

Hello February!

As you know, my love of tarot is what brings me back to you again and again, and keeps me humming. You may not know that I am also endlessly curious and a forever student of astrology, numerology, kabbalah and so many other esoteric disciplines that when mixed together with the tarot make certain qualities and experiences really stand out. I try to weave some of this extra fairy dust into my readings and writings to enrich your experience and show/educate you about what is out there. I mention this because . . .

Monkey 2016

Fire Rooster

As January came to an end, so did the Chinese year of the Fire Monkey. This Monkey was full of surprises, and if you didn’t notice, a bit unpredictable this past year. Many people felt all over the place in 2016 due to this Monkey energy. On January 28th, we ushered in the year of the Fire Rooster. Fire Rooster energy is focused, alert, orderly and can sometimes be demanding. This Rooster is a bit of a taskmaster compared to the disobedient Monkey. But, he is also loyal, hard working, talkative and a good communicator. The added fire energy make this Rooster warm and malleable, which will (hopefully) show up as a more even tempered energy this year. The big idea for the year of the Rooster: Get organized, make a plan and spread some love.

Speaking of fire . . . our card of the month is the Two of Wands. Two’s represent choice or the need for balance. Wands represent the element of fire, which is associated with initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of adventure and risk taking. It is also about personality, ego and personal power.

The Two of Wands often brings up the topic of decision: Should you stay with what is comfortable and easy? Or, should you leave what you know is safe behind, and go out in search of new experiences and exciting adventures? On the outside, it may seem, you have created something successful and strong – your career, a business or lifestyle. But, on the inside, desire for change has been brewing. Maybe you have been strategizing and planning for some time. Or, maybe you have been feeling bored, disenchanted or weary for a while. Are your starting to feel as thought you can no longer push down the emerging feeling that you just want more or something different?

Is it time for a big bold move or smaller shift? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

There can be a soul searching element to this card. The figure in this card is not in motion. He is standing still. Deep in thought. So, take your time. Dream, contemplate, marinade, plan. Once you get a clear idea on what you want . . . and we are talking about *you*, not your friend, neighbor, therapist or mom. You. Then, it is time for inspired action.

This card is telling you to seize the day. We often put off big plans and grand ideas until tomorrow. But, does tomorrow ever come? The Two of Wands tell you it is time to take initiative – today is the day.

What can we make of this image of a well dressed man standing behind a castle wall holding the all powerful wand in one hand and a small globe in the other? The globe in his right hand represents both his personal world and the larger world that stretches out in front of him. He holds this globe so firmly and assertively. But his world has become so small, it fits into the palm of his hand. He stares at it looking to find something exciting and meaningful in it. His orange tunic symbolizes his creativity, energy and enthusiasm for life, while his red hat shows passion, desire for action and possible restlessness. The need for excitement, adventure and movement are very much alive in his thoughts, just below the surface.

When this card is not working to its fullest potential, it can indicate a need for organization, or, a need to start over. Sometimes, partway through a plan we find that we are wandering a bit, or losing focus. Maybe your creativity has taken on a life of its own? Or, was an important detail missed, creating an unexpected road block? If this is the case, the message is to pull back, begin again.

Some Fire Rooster and Two of Wands questions to ask yourself: Am I organized or do I need to get organized? What are my plans – short and long term? How can I add a sense of groundedness or stability right now? What am I looking to manifest? What crazy Monkey energy is leaving? How will I set the world on fire?

The Two of Wands is about believing in yourself enough to take a chance on making something happen. Scary? You bet!

Be prepared, the universe has been known to respond by creating opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

This year is off the races! Reach out and tell me how the Fire Rooster and/or Two of Wands is showing up for you.

I am available for private readings, parties, and events. I am also available for private teaching sessions.

Until the next time . . . . .

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