Lord of Rest from Strife

Hello April!

Everyone is so busy! I may be dating myself, but, I do clearly remember a time when scheduling in a little ‘veg out time’ was possible. You may be reading that and asking yourself – “what is veg out time??” We only have 24 hours in a day to fit it all in! I know, we all want to feel fit and strong, be a superstar at work, get more done in a day than two average people, be a rock star on the social/media scene, have time to be out seeing and experiencing, spend time with friends and family, climb a mountain, jump out of an airplane and with the time we have left wrestle an alligator. OK . . . . maybe not the part about the alligator. But really, we are all so busy going and doing. . . . how is that working out for you? Do you ever wonder how and when does it all stop?

Enter our card this month, the Four of Swords.

In a nutshell, the Four of Swords is about taking a break from the daily grind. It is about slowing down, taking a self imposed breather, standing back from a situation, gaining a different perspective, examining your motivations, reviewing where you are and preparing for the future.

In tarot, the number Four signifies hard work and effort, stability, building solid foundations and reason. Four’s in a reading focus on the achievement of goals and the importance of retreat and close examination.

Swords are the suit of air. You can interpret this literally as, take a breath. Swords also speak of the intellect, reason, truth, justice and communication.

Often, when the 4 of Swords shows up in a reading, I am asked, what is going on in the picture here? Being an avid reader of all things, I came across a description of the card that I found to be interesting. It said: In olden times, before a knight went off on a crusade he was told to commission a coffin for himself in case he were to die in battle. Pretty heavy stuff, right? Those knights that returned safely, if chivalrous, would literally lie down in their coffin in a show of humility. They would take this time of rest and solitude to reflect on whether they stayed true to their mission. This brings new meaning to reflecting thoughts at the end of your day.

As we move to a more modern day interpretation of this, what insight can we apply to our every day life?

A few images in the card that draw my attention are: The knight, who is a symbol of virtue, loyalty and honor is laying in a restful meditative pose on an open crypt in full armor. The coffin is make of stone which indicates strength and integrity. He wears no helmet – which shows the battle is over and there is no need for protection at this time. His head rests on a pillow which implies peace of mind, comforting thoughts and mental rest. Three swords are mounted on the wall pointing down at the knight’s head, heart and hands. This suggests thoughts, feelings and emotions in a restful pose, meaning, put your troubles aside, organize your thoughts. The single sword below the pallet where he lies signifies the subconscious, a time for quieting the mind, thinking things through.

Swords, commonly regarded as the most strategic and mentally challenging suit, are often combative and action oriented. So, you might be surprised to see there is no outward movement or action in this card. This is a slow news day, a lack of correspondence, no big highs or lows. It is simply a time to retreat and rethink a situation. Interestingly, the cards on either side of the four, the three and five of swords, do indicate action and drama. This places the four in a metaphorical eye of the storm. You are right in the thick of it, but at this time. things are calm and quiet.

Examples of how this may play out for you in:
Love – a time when one or both of you need a break from your relationship.
Feelings – time to realign yourself with your inner voice.
Health – an excellent time to recuperate, heal old wounds, restore balance.
Action – does not indicate an action. This is a time of contemplation, mulling things over.
Money and Finance – take a break from your financial worries. Consider taking a different approach. Take time to think outside of the box for new ways to create income. If you are owed money, the time to collect is now.

Questions: Is it time to take a break? Have you been overexerting yourself or pushing too hard? Is it time to stand back and get a better perspective? How can I tie up the loose ends to prepare for movement forward? Should I begin a regular meditation/yoga practice? What is the basis or foundation of this issue? Am I OK with not trying to fit it all in?

We are often inclined to give others wiggle room or slack when it comes to expectations we have of them, but so less likely to give that extra rope to ourselves. At this time when no action is required, maybe you can schedule in that alligator wrestling which, I have heard requires no thinking, just instincts and a certain kind of crazy.

Spring is coming! How are you changing with the change in season? Book an individual session with me, or grab a few friends and make it a night out! You can find me here.

Until the next time . . . . . . .

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