8 of Pentacles


Hello July!

As we move full steam ahead into summer,  where is your concentration and focus?   Is it time to get to work?

Last month I wrote about a personal challenge I had been slogging through.  Since March,  I have been all consumed with helping my daughter who was in a difficult and upsetting situation regarding school.    For months I felt insignificant and small.  Fighting something so much bigger and more powerful than yourself, in this case me against the NYC Department of Education (DOE), can be demoralizing and humbling.  Even so, every day,  I diligently and meticulously did the work.  If I couldn’t make a big dent, I would take the slow but persistent route, chipping away a little bit each day.

We did not know when (in June) an answer or a path forward would reveal itself.   I was concerned that when the outcome did arrive, it would not be welcome news.   While waiting for the information, in my head, I went over each action and effort I had made again and again.  What did I miss?  What did I forget?   I was bracing myself for the worst.

Surprisingly,  the news came earlier in the month than expected.    My phone rang at 8:50 AM on a Wednesday morning.  It was unremarkable in so many ways but also unbelievable how that moment changed everything.   There I was standing in front of my favorite fruit vendor, checking out the blueberries.     The news was good, actually, VERY good!  I went from feeling tentative and worried to feeling brave and empowered.

And then, I will admit, I did a little dance right there on the sidewalk.

In that moment, I felt the power of determination, resourcefulness and serious hard work.

This . . . leads me to the Eight of Pentacles.

The Eight of Pentacles is all about dedication, effort, care, thoroughness, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, dedication, and commitment.  The figure is meticulous in his attention to detail.    This is not the time to be careless or haphazard, the key to success is tremendous effort.

The Eight of Pentacles can also be the drive to learn, to broaden your base of knowledge.  You have high standards and believe that “if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing it well”.

Patience is required.  More important is the quality of work than the quantity.

Eight is the number of expansion, movement, prioritizing, inspiration, cause and effect.  The Pentacles are about practical skills, a tangible reality, resources and finances.

Who is this craftsman hammering and chiseling away on his work bench?  Check out my youtube video about him here, be sure to come back when you are done:

A few questions you can ask using some of the Eight and Pentacle meanings:  What inspires me?  What can I learn from the cycles and patterns in my life?  How can I find that balance I seek?  What am I working so hard for? Do I enjoy what I do?  If no, what are my choices?   What am I not giving enough attention to? Where can I get a cool pair of red shoes like this guy?

When my fight against the DOE began, I had no idea where to start.    I was a quick study.  I learned the names and contact information of the key point people.  I persistently called anyone and everyone I thought could be of some assistance.  I was armed and ready with factual information and data pertaining to our specific situation.    I learned how to write a strong and concise email, and get a response.  I showed up every day and did the work.  It was frustrating and hard.  I needed to be patient.  I kept my foot on the gas and kept moving forward.

The apprentice craftsman becomes the master craftsman.     You are the craftsman.

It is a slow but valuable process.

Do the work.

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I wish you a happy 4th of July!

Planning a summer party and looking to turn up the dial on the fun?  Let’s talk!

Until the next time . . . .


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