I draw on the powerful tools of astrology, tarot, and intuition to guide clients through life-changing decisions. I help clients gain clarity in their careers, love lives, relationships… any area in which you need direction.

I learned the tarot from my grandmother, an astrologer, at an early age. I’ve been in love with all things divination ever since. Though my first loves are tarot and astrology, I have also studied kabbalah, numerology, color therapy and palmistry.  My sessions, though tarot based, are a mix of all of these teachings brought together in a way that allows us to see who you truly are and where your greatest strengths lie.

So often, we think that the answers lie somewhere out in the world, if we only knew where to look.  I show clients how to find the answers in their own heart, then figure out how to move forward in the most positive and successful way.

Are you looking for clarity?

Are you looking to obtain an objective perspective on your life?

Would you like to be able to make confident choices for change?

Let me Unlock Your Potential + help you find your inner light.

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