Ace of Pentacles

Hello October!

We had the fall equinox last week, and in a flash, it is now fall.  Here in the northeast I am taking advantage of all of the wonderful things we associate with fall.   Who doesn’t love a good street fair?  I have eaten my fair share of grilled corn, pickles on a stick, and gourmet popcorn from that mystery truck that shows up everywhere.   Cinnamon popcorn is delicious!!   I went apple and pumpkin picking, on a bumpy hayride and made it through the corn maze.  I even bought a fancy pumpkin pie from the orchard store!  The final thing I need to do to make the kick off to this season complete is to find a new class or adventure to feed my inner student.  Even though I am no longer “in school” to earn a degree, the desire to learn and venture out into a new and unexplored direction still calls me.

Planting seeds, being curious, learning and growing are the first steps of exploring what is possible in whatever area we are looking to cultivate in our lives.  And, it brings me to our card of the month, the Ace of Pentacles.

The tarot deck, like most decks, has four aces.  Each ace holds the pure potential and energy of its ruling element.  I see each ace as a seed that needs sowing.  If you water it, expose it to the sun and talk to it, it will grow.  I mean, it will GROW.   Like a rocket.

Short visualization break.  Maybe you are familiar with this guy below?  His name is Jack.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

And, we’re back.

The aces are boundless possibilities and unlimited energy waiting to be actualized.   Aces show potential, new beginnings and ideas.
Pentacles represent the element of earth which is about structure, form and the material aspects of life.  This may include work, property, business, trade, business, money and other material possessions. It is practicality, security, responsibility and trust.

Traditional meanings of the Ace of Pentacles are new investments, business ventures, a pay raise, a new job, an enterprising opportunity, improved finances, a solid and beneficial foundation, a promotion, the beginning of a new adventure or other practical matters.

It is true, the meaning of this card is promising.  Although, it is important to keep in mind that very little in life happens overnight and/or with little to no effort.  What we manifest and attract may come to us suddenly or unexpectedly, but, it is not random.

What do you see when you look at the beautiful garden pictured in the card?  Take a listen here:

The Ace of Pentacles can indicate that you will be able to make your dreams real. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality.

Some questions to reflect on:  What’s in the plan for later this year?  Where do you feel secure and grounded?  What boundaries have you set for yourself?  Is there archway on your path?  How do (you envision) things look and feel on the other side of it?  What talent or hobby is calling your attention right now?  What is your potential?  Have you given some thought to the title and story of the Fairy Tale that will be written about YOU?

Be curious.  Stay grounded and practical.   Plant that seed.   And then, get out of the way.

Tarot makes everything more colorful, engaging and fun.  Planning a holiday party or celebratory event?  A night out (or in!) with friends?   Looking for some insight into a relationship or current work situation?  Reach out to book your time with me now.

Until the next time . . . .


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