Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

When this card appears I see good luck, destiny, karma and life cycles. You are exactly where you should be in your life.
10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles is about family support emotionally and financially. It's about ongoing prosperity, inheritance, family assets and overall business success.
Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

This knight is reliable, hard-working, stable, and strong. I would pick him for my team anyday!

Lord of Rest from Strife

Hello April!

Everyone is so busy! I may be dating myself, but, I do clearly remember a time when scheduling in a little ‘veg out time’ was possible. You may be reading that and asking yourself – “what is veg out time??” We only have 24 hours in a day to fit it all in! I know, we all want to feel fit and strong, be a superstar at work, get more done in a day than two average people, be a rock star on the social/media scene, have time to be out seeing and experiencing, spend time with friends and family, climb a mountain, jump out of an airplane and with the time we have left wrestle an alligator. OK . . . . maybe not the part about the alligator. But really, we are all so busy going and doing. . . . how is that working out for you? Do you ever wonder how and when does it all stop?

Enter our card this month, the Four of Swords.

In a nutshell, the Four of Swords is about taking a break from the daily grind. It is about slowing down, taking a self imposed breather, standing back from a situation, gaining a different perspective, examining your motivations, reviewing where you are and preparing for the future.

In tarot, the number Four signifies hard work and effort, stability, building solid foundations and reason. Four’s in a reading focus on the achievement of goals and the importance of retreat and close examination.

Swords are the suit of air. You can interpret this literally as, take a breath. Swords also speak of the intellect, reason, truth, justice and communication.

Often, when the 4 of Swords shows up in a reading, I am asked, what is going on in the picture here? Being an avid reader of all things, I came across a description of the card that I found to be interesting. It said: In olden times, before a knight went off on a crusade he was told to commission a coffin for himself in case he were to die in battle. Pretty heavy stuff, right? Those knights that returned safely, if chivalrous, would literally lie down in their coffin in a show of humility. They would take this time of rest and solitude to reflect on whether they stayed true to their mission. This brings new meaning to reflecting thoughts at the end of your day.

As we move to a more modern day interpretation of this, what insight can we apply to our every day life?

A few images in the card that draw my attention are: The knight, who is a symbol of virtue, loyalty and honor is laying in a restful meditative pose on an open crypt in full armor. The coffin is make of stone which indicates strength and integrity. He wears no helmet – which shows the battle is over and there is no need for protection at this time. His head rests on a pillow which implies peace of mind, comforting thoughts and mental rest. Three swords are mounted on the wall pointing down at the knight’s head, heart and hands. This suggests thoughts, feelings and emotions in a restful pose, meaning, put your troubles aside, organize your thoughts. The single sword below the pallet where he lies signifies the subconscious, a time for quieting the mind, thinking things through.

Swords, commonly regarded as the most strategic and mentally challenging suit, are often combative and action oriented. So, you might be surprised to see there is no outward movement or action in this card. This is a slow news day, a lack of correspondence, no big highs or lows. It is simply a time to retreat and rethink a situation. Interestingly, the cards on either side of the four, the three and five of swords, do indicate action and drama. This places the four in a metaphorical eye of the storm. You are right in the thick of it, but at this time. things are calm and quiet.

Examples of how this may play out for you in:
Love – a time when one or both of you need a break from your relationship.
Feelings – time to realign yourself with your inner voice.
Health – an excellent time to recuperate, heal old wounds, restore balance.
Action – does not indicate an action. This is a time of contemplation, mulling things over.
Money and Finance – take a break from your financial worries. Consider taking a different approach. Take time to think outside of the box for new ways to create income. If you are owed money, the time to collect is now.

Questions: Is it time to take a break? Have you been overexerting yourself or pushing too hard? Is it time to stand back and get a better perspective? How can I tie up the loose ends to prepare for movement forward? Should I begin a regular meditation/yoga practice? What is the basis or foundation of this issue? Am I OK with not trying to fit it all in?

We are often inclined to give others wiggle room or slack when it comes to expectations we have of them, but so less likely to give that extra rope to ourselves. At this time when no action is required, maybe you can schedule in that alligator wrestling which, I have heard requires no thinking, just instincts and a certain kind of crazy.

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Until the next time . . . . . . .

Silver Lining

Lord of Material Trouble

Hello March!

Here in the northeast we have been getting hit with our share of cold, windy and sometimes messy weather. For me, the winter can sometimes be a struggle. Pushing forward, working towards goals I have set for myself and striving for little victories can really put me to the test on some days. Everyone has their challenges. How you see, work through and experience your struggle makes all the difference. How will things look once you come out the other side? Are you stronger or more fearful? Tougher or more likely to give up?

Our card this month, the Five of Pentacles, speaks to this.

It is true, the Five of Pentacles is one of the least favored cards in the entire 78 card deck. Rainbows and unicorns it is not. But, being an eternal optimist, I cannot help but seek out the silver lining, even in one of the darkest cards.

The essence of the Five of Pentacles is to test. Meaning, when this card comes up, you will be tested. The pentacles speak of that which has value. This may be something material, like money or a valued personal item. Or, this may be something intangible such as your health, a relationship, job, career or your self esteem. The Five of Pentacles arrives and asks, how much can you sacrifice and do without? What is really essential for you? What if something you deeply value is no longer yours to have? And, how will you stay balanced in the face of this imbalance, regardless of what happens?

As we arrive at the picture in the card, we close in on two desperate looking individuals limping along on a dark, snowy night. They are not dressed appropriately for the weather – says a mom who makes sure her kids have scarves, hats and gloves on before leaving the house. She appears to be barefoot in the snow, and he looks to be (at best) unsteady on his feet. These two figures looking homeless and broke are wandering the streets at night, lost in their pain and suffering. Surely, you think, there must be somewhere they can go to find comfort, warmth and maybe a hot meal? There is a decorative stained glass window in the background with images of a strong tree and impressive towers/castles. Could this be a place of worship, somewhere to seek sanctuary or protection? But the figures do not see what I/we see. They continue walking together, but alone, out in the cold. They must figure out their own solution.

How does this card make you feel? Does this scene make you uncomfortable? It brings up the topics of lack and want. It also may ask us how aware we are of the poverty around us . . . and how charitable we are in those situations. Do we help whenever we can? Or, do we feel it is the responsibility of others?

The five’s in each of the four suits of the tarot deck are challenging. How do we grow and change if we are not challenged? Sometimes change is difficult. But, let me also point out that aside from change, fives also signify adventure, freedom, exploration, expansion and curiosity.

Complicated, impulsive, confusing and sometimes even chaotic, fives represent the very human life experience that bring on growth and change in our lives. A very important part of the five that I must highlight is that they are *temporary*. Yes, there will be ups and downs, but you will find a new way forward.

The Five of Pentacles can be something of a wake up call – whether you are high and mighty or just aspiring to be. That is one thing you can count on, no one is exempt. Leveling and humbling, the figures in this card now need to face some hard facts.

Images in the card, though some are small and seem inconsequential, say a lot. I first want to draw your attention to the bell that is around the neck of the male figure. This bell is a warning sound. How often do you get a feeling that something does not feel right or do you hear an inner voice telling you the best next step? This bell is a symbol and sign to listen to your inner voice. Next, I notice the crutches. Even in difficulty, you will have all of the help that you need. And, if I might add, even in his current state, he is moving along at a clip. This confirms the temporary nature of the five. Things are constantly changing, nothing is permanent, life is in motion at all times.

Questions you can ask yourself at this time: Am I steady and balanced? How will I pass this test? Do I need (more) support? Am I considering all options? What can I do differently to make this whole experience more rewarding and positive? Why do I care so much about what others think of me? How can I improve my self confidence (and the outcome) as I face this challenge? Am I paying attention? Do I need to shop for a bigger bell?

Life is full of tests and challenges. How we attend to these situations affects what comes next. Are you ready for an adventure? Be curious, open and ready to explore. Wherever this road takes you . . . pay attention, the answer is there. Don’t forget, you have the freedom to choose it. And that, is your silver lining!

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Until the next time . . . . .

Lord of Dominion

Lord of Dominion

Hello February!

As you know, my love of tarot is what brings me back to you again and again, and keeps me humming. You may not know that I am also endlessly curious and a forever student of astrology, numerology, kabbalah and so many other esoteric disciplines that when mixed together with the tarot make certain qualities and experiences really stand out. I try to weave some of this extra fairy dust into my readings and writings to enrich your experience and show/educate you about what is out there. I mention this because . . .

Monkey 2016

Fire Rooster

As January came to an end, so did the Chinese year of the Fire Monkey. This Monkey was full of surprises, and if you didn’t notice, a bit unpredictable this past year. Many people felt all over the place in 2016 due to this Monkey energy. On January 28th, we ushered in the year of the Fire Rooster. Fire Rooster energy is focused, alert, orderly and can sometimes be demanding. This Rooster is a bit of a taskmaster compared to the disobedient Monkey. But, he is also loyal, hard working, talkative and a good communicator. The added fire energy make this Rooster warm and malleable, which will (hopefully) show up as a more even tempered energy this year. The big idea for the year of the Rooster: Get organized, make a plan and spread some love.

Speaking of fire . . . our card of the month is the Two of Wands. Two’s represent choice or the need for balance. Wands represent the element of fire, which is associated with initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of adventure and risk taking. It is also about personality, ego and personal power.

The Two of Wands often brings up the topic of decision: Should you stay with what is comfortable and easy? Or, should you leave what you know is safe behind, and go out in search of new experiences and exciting adventures? On the outside, it may seem, you have created something successful and strong – your career, a business or lifestyle. But, on the inside, desire for change has been brewing. Maybe you have been strategizing and planning for some time. Or, maybe you have been feeling bored, disenchanted or weary for a while. Are your starting to feel as thought you can no longer push down the emerging feeling that you just want more or something different?

Is it time for a big bold move or smaller shift? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

There can be a soul searching element to this card. The figure in this card is not in motion. He is standing still. Deep in thought. So, take your time. Dream, contemplate, marinade, plan. Once you get a clear idea on what you want . . . and we are talking about *you*, not your friend, neighbor, therapist or mom. You. Then, it is time for inspired action.

This card is telling you to seize the day. We often put off big plans and grand ideas until tomorrow. But, does tomorrow ever come? The Two of Wands tell you it is time to take initiative – today is the day.

What can we make of this image of a well dressed man standing behind a castle wall holding the all powerful wand in one hand and a small globe in the other? The globe in his right hand represents both his personal world and the larger world that stretches out in front of him. He holds this globe so firmly and assertively. But his world has become so small, it fits into the palm of his hand. He stares at it looking to find something exciting and meaningful in it. His orange tunic symbolizes his creativity, energy and enthusiasm for life, while his red hat shows passion, desire for action and possible restlessness. The need for excitement, adventure and movement are very much alive in his thoughts, just below the surface.

When this card is not working to its fullest potential, it can indicate a need for organization, or, a need to start over. Sometimes, partway through a plan we find that we are wandering a bit, or losing focus. Maybe your creativity has taken on a life of its own? Or, was an important detail missed, creating an unexpected road block? If this is the case, the message is to pull back, begin again.

Some Fire Rooster and Two of Wands questions to ask yourself: Am I organized or do I need to get organized? What are my plans – short and long term? How can I add a sense of groundedness or stability right now? What am I looking to manifest? What crazy Monkey energy is leaving? How will I set the world on fire?

The Two of Wands is about believing in yourself enough to take a chance on making something happen. Scary? You bet!

Be prepared, the universe has been known to respond by creating opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

This year is off the races! Reach out and tell me how the Fire Rooster and/or Two of Wands is showing up for you.

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Until the next time . . . . .

Astrological Association:  Mercury, planet of communication, study and speed of movement.  Air.

Hello and Happy 2017!

2016 was a rough road for many. So many year end readings looked toward the new year with trepidation. Being the optimist, I feel we are all ready to move forward with confidence and hope.

Each January, I pick a Major Arcana card which sets the tone for the year. Major Arcana cards are complex and full of symbolism, attributes and meaning. Compelling and deep, they are often seen as the heart of the tarot deck. When a Major Arcana card shows up in a reading, it holds more weight, saying to you, “look at me, I am important!” Who will hold your attention this year?

Can I get a drum roll? Our new fearless leader . . . . The Magician!

The Magician is the ultimate achiever. He is skillful, self-confident and powerful. He believes in himself and he is not afraid to act. He is the symbol of the beginning of something when everything is possible. This can correspond to almost anything, be it a creative project, a financial strategy or a new relationship. The Magician realizes his true potential by taking positive action and focusing his attention and energy on the task at hand. And, maybe, possibly, the use of a little bit of magic.

The Magician is ruled by the planet Mercury. This is important because as this new year turns, we are in the midst of something called Mercury Retrograde (turning direct on January 8th, 2017). Wait . . . what? Yes. I know. You thought we were racing right out of the gate, but, not so fast, Mercury has something to teach us. For more info, you can read my blog post on Mercury Retrograde here: http://www.dinaberrin.com/mercury-retrograde-ahead/.

Entering a new year on a Mercury Retrograde means that things are going to be slow and contemplative during the first part of the year. In order to process and start the new chapter that 2017 offers, it looks like the universe is giving us some downtime in order to first make sense of where we are heading next. Many people shudder at the thought of Mercury Retrograde. You are not alone. But, if you are willing to shift your experience, you may find it is actually a dynamic and transformative period. A time when we can clear away what clouds our minds and see the truth of our conscience.

The Magician, given the number one, shows up to teach us the essential art of communication through language, speech and the written word. The number one indicates leadership and independence. It tells of new beginnings and changes, new starts and actions that will take initiative and determination. Leadership takes courage, strength, decisiveness, and focus. The Magician represents magnetism and strength, and a natural ability to understand. Mercury brings with it a dynamic energy, strong instinctive abilities, skill and agility.

The Magician is a master of languages, education and science. Is it time to go back to school to open yourself to future opportunities? He may represent either the enthusiastic student or dedicated teacher who enjoy the communication exchange and sharing knowledge.

What do you see in this card? I first notice the three vibrant colors of red, yellow and green. His red outer robe indicates material desire, passion and action. Yellow is creativity, protection and the intellect. The flowers and green are growth and adventure. Next, I am going to draw your eyes to the table in front of the Magician. Laid out, you will see 4 tools. These tools, which are the symbol for each of the four suits in the tarot deck are: The Wand, The Cup, The Sword and The Pentacle. With these tools he holds *all* the power over his world, and he can achieve anything and everything. The Magician has everything he needs to achieve any goal or complete any project. The Wand allows access to energy, drive and enthusiasm. The Cup provides emotional fulfillment, imagination and creativity. The Sword brings with it mental clarity, clear judgement, thoughts and ideas. The Pentacle offers patience and productivity. The Magician uses these four tools, and many others, to charm, entice and dazzle his audience.

With skill and intention, the Magician manipulates, awakens and energizes what currently has his attention. With grace and eloquence he charms the willing, and with his powers of persuasion he converts the holdouts.

I would love to say he is all positive energy and results, but, there is a flip side to our unique, talented and self-aware Magician. He can be deceptive, smooth talking and controlling. Used to having things done his way, he can be willful, petty, overly ambitious and determined.

Yes, he is an accomplished salesman and/or gifted public speaker who enthralls his audience with his articulation, speed of delivery and impressive statistics. He is a master of illusion and can easily use words to mold an experience in order to suit his own wants and needs. There may be hidden truths and possible deceit, so be sure to check the facts and don’t take words at face value.

The Magician holds the power in a situation and is very much in control of his thoughts. We have more power than we realize to change our circumstances.

Some questions to ask ourselves: Where should my attention and energy be focused at this time? How can I improve my communication skills? What is my goal/intention? Where might I benefit from using charm and grace in place of —- (your current MO)? Name the tools on your table. Is what I see real? Have I checked the facts? Where is my red cape? No red cape? Make list – item 1, BUY NEW RED CAPE b.c honey, you are going places this year!

Isn’t it time to find the Magic in you?

I wish you success. Happy New Year!

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Ace of Wands

Hello December!

SO . . .  November happened.    While it is my goal is to stay neutral with the aim of alienating no one and inviting all to gain from the insight of the tarot, I also want to acknowledge, it has been a challenging month.   Clients, friends, acquaintances, yoga classmates, party guests and many others are all asking . . . what now?  What should/can I do?  With that, I looked to the tarot for a path, direction, understanding and wisdom on how to advise a way forward.   

My deck responded with assertive confidence . . . . .  ACE OF WANDS!

Are you ready for an adventure?    Are you ready to get moving in a new direction?  Be sure to pack your passion, energy and creativity.

Aces represent the beginning.  As in, the beginning of each suit in a card deck (tarot or other).  They stand out from the other cards, as if in a circle of their own light.    The Ace is filled with the limitless energy of the element, which in this case is fire.

What does unlimited fire look like?

Fire is energy, enthusiasm, action, inspiration, a desire and craving for challenge,  a call to action, a yearning to travel or to just get moving.    Wands are feisty, fiery, sometimes temperamental and often thrive on challenges, engagement and/or may possibly be seeking clash or competition.

Wands energy is fiercely competitive.  It throws itself into the mix, pursuing a challenging project bringing along with it a natural self confidence and high self esteem.

Combine the Ace and Wand and there is excitement in the air.  The energy is almost palpable.    Clearly, something magical is about to happen.

The Ace of Wands is often a sign of proverbial fog clearing and the light of imagination and inspiration taking a front seat.  This card may show up after a difficult or stormy time. The Ace of Wands is a bright and eye opening time that rushes in with a burst of movement, flow, intention, ambition and positive energy.

Ace of Wands is sexy and hot.  New relationship?  A tryst while you are travelling?    Or, a new stage in an existing relationship which shows a deepened commitment and/or possibly starting or considering an addition to the family.  Things are definitely happening here and the word is fun, laughter, enthusiasm, and . . . . high activity!

The immediate image in the card that draws my attention is the wand itself.  You have to admit, it is hard to miss.  This wand is very much alive, it is sprouting leaves which indicate new life, new beginnings and potential from within.   If you noticed the wand, surely you beheld the ethereal hand which appeared from a cloud in order to hold that wand.  Did you notice the ‘Thumbs Up’ position?  If this isn’t a green light or a sign from the universe, what is??

Short pause for a visualization:  Envision this is a relay race and the hand is currently holding the baton (the wand dressed up as POWER).  Each runner does their part and then passes the assumed baton to the next runner.  While you hold the baton, it is not time to sit still, it is a time for movement and action.

The Ace of Wands asks you to believe in yourself, use your creative powers to act, and allow others to see what you can do.  If you are ready to be bold and make your move, you may just surprise yourself of how inspirational you are to those around you.   Your path forward will become clear.

Questions to ask yourself:  Are you make decisions for you or under the guise of what is expected of you?  Is the baton being offered to you . . . or will you grab hold of it yourself?    What empowering action are you considering?  What is the big picture – and how will this manifest?  Have you made travel plans? Is it getting hot in here?

It is time to take that fiery wand and light your fire.

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