Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

When this card appears I see good luck, destiny, karma and life cycles. You are exactly where you should be in your life.
10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles is about family support emotionally and financially. It's about ongoing prosperity, inheritance, family assets and overall business success.
Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

This knight is reliable, hard-working, stable, and strong. I would pick him for my team anyday!

Queen of SwordsHello February!

January was a busy month full of curiosity and interest.  Individual, private readings and party guests alike have been asking similar reading guidance from me . . . to share insight into the energy and expectations for this new year.

Another question I have also been fielding is around the topic of how I started with tarot.  The truth is, before there was tarot in my life, there was astrology.  As I learned tarot, I learned other disciplines which added depth, including numerology.  These three areas of study, along with my intuition, have allowed me to go deeper, identify specific characteristics and traits, define dates and timing and see things that are hidden in plain sight.

I often cite astrological affiliations and characteristics, but, today I am going to try something new.  Below, I am going to pull back the curtain and show you how numerology and tarot can work together.  I am going to show you how I use numerology when speaking about the year ahead.

Numerologists are able to determine energy, tone and feel for a person or event from a number.   The Universal Year is a gentle nudge, not a hard push.  It gives us an energy guideline of sorts, for the year.

By adding each number of a given year in a simple math equation,  we are able to predict the tendencies of the coming year.   We use the current year, which is universally recognized.

Some years are very direct and straight forward and we get one number.  This year is not one of those years.  This year we get two numbers.

Let’s do the math for this year:  2+0+1+8=11   1+1=2.  This year from January 1- December 31st we will all be living in an 11/2 year.    This year gives us a Master Number 11 and its reduction to 2.

Here is a simplified explanation of what this means:

When a number is doubled (ie – 11, 22, 33), it is called a Master Number.   A Master Number is more intense, always pushing us deeper, commanding that we grow and evolve.  11 is the number of illumination and intuition and always brings new revelations.

A Universal 2 year has a slower energy.    It can be a time to build patience as delays and frustrations arise.  It is a time to be more other-oriented, focusing on love, relationships and emotions.

These two energies can sometimes feel at odds.  So, you ask, what does a year with these two conflicting energies look and feel like?

2018 will be a year of action, mixed with delays and diversions.  This is a year to step into your power, detach from those we find draining, and create a support systems that works for you.    This will not always be easy.  And, for that reason, these opportunities are often character building.

Master number years can be humbling, but if the lessons are well learned you will emerge knowing how to be diplomatic, patient and compassionate.

Let’s now take this energy and combine it with our tarot card of the month, the Queen of Swords.  Please note that both men and women can take on queen or king energy, this description applies to all:

The Queen of Swords combines the internal focus of a queen with the razor sharp intellect that is the suit of swords.

Sharp, smooth, shrewd, and sophisticated, this queen admires honesty above all else.  She has no time for games, tricks or lies.  The Queen of Swords is experienced in the ways of the world, good and bad.  She can size up a situation quickly.  She is straightforward and direct, you know exactly where you stand with her.

Intelligent, perceptive, insightful, you may be surprised to know that this queen is also witty and engaging.  Yes, she can be quite talkative, has a sense of humor and likes a good laugh.

Methodical, detail oriented and analytical, she is easily able to detach herself from a situation.  She trusts herself and her decision making process implicitly.  A born problem solver, she sees what needs to be done and can spot a scheme or scam a mile away.

When not operating at her best, this queen can be a cynic, given to sarcasm, perfectionism and extreme criticism of herself or others.  This queen has had her share of life struggles and can be uncompromising in relationships.  You may detect a loneliness or need for companionship about her, or an air of sadness around her.

As mentioned above, I also pick up meaning from some of the symbols in the cards.   Here is what it all means:

When the Queen of Swords comes up, she asks you to think and feel like she does.  Some questions you can ask yourself this month, from her perspective:  Are you being completely honest?  Are you getting right to the point?  Do you see the humor in the situation?  Have you figured out what is really going on?  Are you being fooled by someone?

The Queen of Swords and the Master/Universal number give us a very clear picture of how to move forward this month/year. It is time to start paying attention.   Be candid and direct while still keeping your sense of humor.  Be aware of what drains you and takes your attention away from what really matters.  Know or figure out what really matters.

No one can know all of your experiences, or how you put them together to form your view of the world.  Trust your good judgement.  Be diplomatic, compassionate and don’t forget to have fun!

Did you enjoy learning about numerology?  Will you approach this year differently with this knowledge?   I am looking to add the most value to you in this newsletter.  Please feel free to share your honest feedback.

For your parties, events or private readings, you can find me here.

Until the next time . . . .

TemperanceHello January 2018 and Happy New Year to all!

2017 tested and challenged us in ways we could not have predicted at this time last year.  Curve balls were thrown – and some were caught.   Facts were dressed up as fabrication.  Rugs were pulled out from under our feet –  and we got creative finding new ways to maintain our balance.      I imagine leaving 2017 as I would feel removing a battered dirty coat of armor that has now outlived its use.

I, for one, am happy to abandon this heavy coat that I have worn throughout 2017.  I have grown tired of the constant fight, defensive stance and push back.  I am ready for a different approach.

Unknown to me at the time, I actually started this new approach last month.  For me (and maybe you too?), December is the busiest month of the year.  Holiday parties are in full swing and I so am I!  Finding the time to get the perfect gift for everyone and fit in all of the extra commitments is a stopwatch challenge.  My usual plan is to make lists and start early.  Somehow, this year, my to-do list became larger than the time I had to give to it.  So, there I was, approaching mid-December feeling stressed.  Somewhere between a family milestone birthday celebration and a train ride out to Long Island for a tarot party, I realized I had lost the joy in the act of giving.  I needed to take a step back.   This needed to change.  Now.

The people in my life who make me feel seen, heard and special, deserve to feel the same way in return.  I took time to write a meaningful note with each gift.   I then re-wrote my to-do list with clearer intentions.   Next, I placed an order for items to be delivered to our local shelter.  This shelter creates holiday bags with what is donated, to allow the homeless feel the joy of receiving something special.

And, this is where my shift began.

At the doorstep of 2018, I leave my coat of armor.

In exchange, I am prepared to step into my new, clean, white flowing gown.

The gown worn by Temperance.

What insight, wisdom and understanding might we learn about 2018?   Temperance sets the tone for the year.   If learned correctly, difficult things can become easy and that which seemed impossible becomes possible.

Temperance shifts us from the busy-ness, seed planting, effort and hard work of 2017 to the energy of cooperation, harmony and connections of 2018.  Temperance is the lesson of the balanced heart.

Temperance is accommodating, conciliatory, tolerant, adaptable, modest and resourceful.

Temperance indicates patience, control, moderation and balance.   Temperance may ask you to re-assess a situation that you thought to be in your past, but has re-emerged to be dealt with once again.  It speaks of strengths we gain from the challenges that we face.

Answers and insights are coming to you.  Balance, focus and planned action are your new process.

As beautiful this card and message are, all cards have their upsides and downsides.  The downside of this card can be s/he who plays the martyr.  Are you running on empty from putting out fires everywhere?  Have you been paying attention to everyone and everything with the exception of yourself?   Do you find you are lashing out, feeling angry or are withdrawing into yourself with mixed feelings?  If so, you know the shadow side of Temperance.

Forgiving those who have brought sadness or pain is one of our biggest challenges.    Temperance asks us to find beauty, healing, clarity and understanding in a situation.  Though this is something that does take time (we have all year), gifting yourself with the willingness to let something that has festered go is gifting yourself with new, fresh, clean air and the ability to see the world with new eyes.

Temperance is the astrological sign of Sagittarius which is adaptable, curious, optimistic, freedom loving, and philosophical.   Sagittarius is also associated with teaching, travel and learning.  This may be a year for you to return to school, or take a course.

Each title card has a function.  I think the function of Temperance might surprise you.  Watch here:

Dina Temperance pic






The function of Temperance is anger.  Surprising or predictable?  At quick glance, Temperance looks to be a bit “Zen”, all rainbows and unicorns.  He is quite content to relax and soak up the good vibes.  But, don’t let those expansive red wings bursting through with energy and passion fool you.  New possibilities are always there, waiting to be tapped.  Anger, if channeled correctly, can be a great source of motivation.   Temperance simply asks you to be patient so you can act with precision when the timing is right.

We have all year to think about how Temperance may play out in our lives this year.  Here are some questions for you to consider:  How can you create more peace and balance in your life?    Are you able to see both sides of an argument?  Do you go with the flow or is change more of a struggle?   Where is anger showing up in your life and how are you using it?  What thoughts and actions can you merge together to create something new?  What if you did not play the peacemaker?   What are you ready to release or change?  What is your deepest desire for 2018?

I am listening and would love to hear from you.

In 2018, maybe you will work hard and reach a new level of success, find love in a wonderfully unexpected way, do some personal work and are create a new path for yourself, devote yourself to your family, decide to move to a new part of the country/world, or be (finally) happily cozy and comfortable exactly where you are.

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness  . . . . may it be yours.

Until the next time . . . .


Lord of Abundance

Lord of Abundance

Hello December!

This past month, I had a milestone high school reunion.   Our zany, extroverted, funny and fearless high school class president has been shaking the tree and rallying the troops for months, urging everyone to come and celebrate.  We all noted, she hasn’t changed much!

But, social media *has* changed things greatly since my high school years.  Her outrageous and amusing daily postings on FB became a safe space for joking, banter and amusement that we all came to look forward to as the reunion approached.   It was no real surprise, the turnout was high.    

I count myself as greatly fortunate to have had the high school experience that I did.   We were not without our teenage angst, struggles and issues, but we did have a cohesiveness that I am not sure I understood or appreciated at the time.  

Going back, connecting with old friends, spending times with old classmates, revisiting fun times and sharing new, has been one of the very highest points of my year.    

At the reunion, anyone entering this festive event space would have noticed the energy and connectivity in the room.  The smiles were ear to ear, the hugs were warm and genuine, and the pictures being snapped, shared and posted were non-stop.  Conversation came easily and the interest we shared with one another was real.  

Aside from the planned, large, main gathering, there were also many improptu smaller gatherings that popped up all over the weekend.  

At one of these smaller, more intimate gatherings, while laughing with old friends like I haven’t in years, it struck me how well my old friends know me.  We have scattered to different parts of the country, gotten busy in our careers, have family responsibilities and chaotic lives to juggle, and yet, we are still connected.  We have lived through marriage, loss of loved ones, children, career bumps and changes, relocations and moves, and more,  and yet, we are still connected. 

I feel a theme coming!

It is with this that I lead you directly in to our final card of the year, the Three of Cups.   

Three of Cups is a card of community, friendship, harmonious relationships, optimism, celebration, socializing, festivities and accomplishment.

This card’s positive message is about the magic of shared feelings and emotions, of letting your emotions (and their limits) known.  It is about communicating and connecting with those who inhabit your inner world.

Cups are the suit of emotions, the subconscious, love and spirituality. 

Few cards in the tarot deck (3 to be exact) focus on a group dynamic.     In this card we see 3 women of equal importance dancing together, their arms reaching out in shared feeling and community.  This is a nurturing and bonding dance of support and love.  

The number 3 is associated with the supremely benefic planet of Jupiter which embodies qualities such as good fortune, abundance and positive spirit.  In this card it expresses an outpouring of joy within a close circle of friends.  

The Three of Cups is sociable, joyful, playful, affectionate and loyal.  

Actions involving the Three of Cups may be joining in, experiencing an emotional breakthrough, extending good will, or finding your ‘tribe’.  

When the Three of Cups is not working to its fullest potential there can be concerns of over-dependency on group acceptance, loss of connection with a close friend, isolation, feeling that you must conform to the groups way of thinking or tendency towards excess.

Interested in what the picture in the card means?  A short walk through the card and a funny but true nugget from my original tarot teacher shared here: 


Dina 3 of cups pic

Some questions that you might ask yourself through a 3 of Cups lens: What does it feel like to join with others?  Who is welcoming you with open arms?  What is friendship and community?    How can you grow the feeling of community in your life?   When did you last celebrate or share appreciation for a cherished friend? Where can I pick up one of those BIG golden goblets as a celebrate the seasons, friends and the new year to come? 

Life moves quickly.  

Keeping ties to those who know you, care about you and bring you joy is a gift you can give yourself no matter what time of year.  

Let your true self be known.  

Be joyful, playful and social.

Say yes to new experiences.  

Put yourself out there.

Help others.

Find joy and abundance in the connections in your life.   

In the spirit of the holidays, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and all else that is good in the world, I wanted to extend an offer to YOU, my loyal and devoted readers.

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‘Tis the season to stay connected!  

Until the next time . . .  

High PriestessHello November!

Each year, summer turns to fall, fall rolls into Halloween and then, BOOM, it’s the holidays!  It is often this time of year when I begin to hear the lament “where did this year go?” or “I can’t believe it is almost the holidays” or, another familiar admission, “I still have so many things I planned to do this year”.

Time does pass quickly.

This year, things have been a bit different.   Between our government and the media, we are constantly getting hit with a new news story just as we are trying to process a current news story which came before we could come to terms with the last news story.   It is a lot to take in.

While my head has been spinning, we were recently hit with a disturbing and deeply protected bomb of a story.   The theme is not new, but, the depth, acceptance and pervasiveness were quite eye opening.   The initial story revealed the reality about the mistreatment of women in the entertainment industry.  From this story came many more stories.  Stories of women not only working as actresses, but, of women who work period.

This month, it felt like my life stopped as I read about experiences and heard the truth of what my friends, colleagues, sisters and overall gender have had to endure.   And sadly, it seems that everyone has a story.   How long have these stories been hidden and unheard?  And, more importantly, what happens next?

This month has been deep and thoughtful.  Sitting with this, I pulled our card of the month, the High Priestess.

Silent and knowing, the High Priestess may very well be one of the most difficult cards in the tarot deck to translate.  Her power and ability are veiled in mystery.  She speaks directly to your inner voice, your subconscious mind.  She is receptive, intuitive, silent and contained.  She functions through an awesome inner knowing.

The High Priestess is the Goddess of fertility  and is seen as a healer whose intuitive powers work to create harmony and inner-balance.  She asks you to listen very carefully to your inner voice, not the voice in your head, before making any decision.  She shows up to teach awareness.

Observing rather than participating, the High Priestess can also represent platonic love, manipulation, a pause in the process of something that was moving forward, or even a standstill, causing doubt and confusion.

In tarot, the High Priestess is the ruler of all that is hidden and secret, and is known as “the silent knower”.   She is the essence behind the scenes.  She knows what is really going on.

The High Priestess has a ‘Mother’ energy, implying one who works with their intuition on the highest levels.  Has anyone ever experienced an all knowing mother?  Or been one?

She is passive, private, detached, observant, calm, discreet, intuitive and sometimes psychic.   Her actions involve listening from within and keeping a secret.

She does have a dark side which could be described as chronic passivity, fear of exposure and/or holding back when engagement is needed.  When unintegrated, she can be superficial, distrustful, ignoring hunches and repressive of memories.

There are so many symbols and meanings woven into this card, biblically, astrologically, elementally and symbolically.   I like to pick an image to give you some depth and more meaning.  What image were you drawn to in the card? Reply or comment.  If it is not one I have chosen to speak of, I will reply with the meaning and significance.


Dina Priestess Video Pic

Some questions you can ask yourself this month in reflection:  Where have I intuitively chosen to say nothing? When has following my instinct on a hunch been dead on?  In what area of my life would I be well served to detach myself emotionally?  How might I learn to trust myself better?  What is really going on?  How did my mother know so much when I told/tell her so little?

The High Priestess is a metaphor for our lives, so much is mysterious and unknown.   If we are honest with ourselves, using our power of awareness and intuition, we will soon find the path to a solution.

Figuring things out for ourselves and being more self reliant can start the cycle for a healing experience.

The High Priestess asks you to maintain faith even through the hard times you may face on this journey.

As time continues to pass quickly, through the holidays and this busy time of year, be in the moment, find your perfect balance and then finish that list of things you planned to do this year.

I wish you success.

Planning a holiday party?  Tarot and the holidays go great together.   Reach out,  I am booking dates now.

Until the next time . . . .

Ace of Pentacles

Hello October!

We had the fall equinox last week, and in a flash, it is now fall.  Here in the northeast I am taking advantage of all of the wonderful things we associate with fall.   Who doesn’t love a good street fair?  I have eaten my fair share of grilled corn, pickles on a stick, and gourmet popcorn from that mystery truck that shows up everywhere.   Cinnamon popcorn is delicious!!   I went apple and pumpkin picking, on a bumpy hayride and made it through the corn maze.  I even bought a fancy pumpkin pie from the orchard store!  The final thing I need to do to make the kick off to this season complete is to find a new class or adventure to feed my inner student.  Even though I am no longer “in school” to earn a degree, the desire to learn and venture out into a new and unexplored direction still calls me.

Planting seeds, being curious, learning and growing are the first steps of exploring what is possible in whatever area we are looking to cultivate in our lives.  And, it brings me to our card of the month, the Ace of Pentacles.

The tarot deck, like most decks, has four aces.  Each ace holds the pure potential and energy of its ruling element.  I see each ace as a seed that needs sowing.  If you water it, expose it to the sun and talk to it, it will grow.  I mean, it will GROW.   Like a rocket.

Short visualization break.  Maybe you are familiar with this guy below?  His name is Jack.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

And, we’re back.

The aces are boundless possibilities and unlimited energy waiting to be actualized.   Aces show potential, new beginnings and ideas.
Pentacles represent the element of earth which is about structure, form and the material aspects of life.  This may include work, property, business, trade, business, money and other material possessions. It is practicality, security, responsibility and trust.

Traditional meanings of the Ace of Pentacles are new investments, business ventures, a pay raise, a new job, an enterprising opportunity, improved finances, a solid and beneficial foundation, a promotion, the beginning of a new adventure or other practical matters.

It is true, the meaning of this card is promising.  Although, it is important to keep in mind that very little in life happens overnight and/or with little to no effort.  What we manifest and attract may come to us suddenly or unexpectedly, but, it is not random.

What do you see when you look at the beautiful garden pictured in the card?  Take a listen here:

The Ace of Pentacles can indicate that you will be able to make your dreams real. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality.

Some questions to reflect on:  What’s in the plan for later this year?  Where do you feel secure and grounded?  What boundaries have you set for yourself?  Is there archway on your path?  How do (you envision) things look and feel on the other side of it?  What talent or hobby is calling your attention right now?  What is your potential?  Have you given some thought to the title and story of the Fairy Tale that will be written about YOU?

Be curious.  Stay grounded and practical.   Plant that seed.   And then, get out of the way.

Tarot makes everything more colorful, engaging and fun.  Planning a holiday party or celebratory event?  A night out (or in!) with friends?   Looking for some insight into a relationship or current work situation?  Reach out to book your time with me now.

Until the next time . . . .