8 of wands
Hello May!

April was one of those crazy and demanding months filled with bumps, unexpected news and surprising events.   Did you feel it?  It seemed to spill out into all areas affecting our relationships, finance, communications, ethics, creativity and more.  I don’t usually focus solely on astrology, but,  SO many planets were retrograde in April – meaning, they were moving backwards.  And then,  changed course, and went direct.   It was like we were all playing a manic game of musical chairs . . . Stop, Go, Up, Down . . . . you would not have been alone if you found yourself scratching your head and saying, when will this all be over?

I am happy to say I have an answer for you.   The Eight of Wands indicates speed and movement. It signifies action and direction. It symbolizes going with the current or going back to basics.

More good news is that this month, the important planet of communications, Mercury, will turn direct on May 3rd and no more planets will be retrograding this month.  This means a time for changes and advancements and even an increase to our energy and drive.

OK, enough with the planets, let’s go back the the Eight of Wands. . . .

Have you ever had that exciting feeling that things in your life are (FINALLY) taking a positive turn?   Yes, you read that right . . . things are going your way.  This can be something of a funny feeling.   We have become so used to pushing back against opposition and trying to prevents setbacks from happening  that making strides and reaching goals almost creates a sense of anxiety.   That  familiar feeling of striving to achieve *anything* is now being replaced with success.

The Eight of Wands brings a sense of freedom, it can indicate that your mind is now suddenly cleared.  The wands suggest an onslaught of ideas.  While it is good to feel strong about what you believe, it is also important to allow for alternative points of view to test or question those beliefs.  There is always more to learn.  This card is about space, movement and expanding the mind.

The Eight of Wands brings speed, action and movement.   Travel is always a possibility.  This card often appears after a time of restrictions, set-backs, indifference or inaction.  It is as if you have finally been given the green light.  Progress is now possible.  Your objectives, dreams, intentions and ambitions are now on track.

Wands are the suit of fire and  the tarot deck’s symbol for creativity.  What we see here are many creative possibilities falling into place, just as you have envisioned.   This is a powerful sign; use it to advance your position.

If the eight wands are any indication, things are about to get fiery.  The title of this card is The Lord of Swiftness, and in the spirit of its name, the focus of this card is really about quickness and momentum.  Aiming carefully is somehow less important.   Many of us know the excitement of getting caught up in the moment,  please be careful not to overlook important details in your rush to get things done.  Information may be coming in quickly.  Be sure to take time to process new information before sharing with others.

With the Eight of Wands, things are either at a standstill, or they are moving at a pace so fast you are having a hard time keeping up.  When things are not meant to be, it is best not to force them.  Some things just take time.  What you can do is grab opportunities that will help lead you to your main goal.

Looking at the picture:  The Eight of Wands picture is something of an outlier in the world of tarot.  There is no person in the card.   No figure in the card can imply losing yourself in the moment.  Eight wands flying through the air like arrows indicate that whatever you are doing is completely absorbing your attention .  The movement of the wands symbolizes change and travel.  The river signifies flow and fertility.  The green and hilly landscape show growth and opportunities.

Some questions you may ask yourself: Do things seem to be speeding up in my life?  Is there a new sense of urgency?  Have I become closer to a goal in this past week than I have in the past months?   Where will my next adventure take me?   Am I moving too quickly?   Do I need to slow down?   What will bring me the most immediate result?

As we move forward from a more constricted energy to a time of more freedom and opportunity, it is important to see the big picture.  Take things in stride, hold nothing back, and grab your helmet!  YOLO!

Until the next time . . . .

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