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Hello and Happy 2017!

2016 was a rough road for many. So many year end readings looked toward the new year with trepidation. Being the optimist, I feel we are all ready to move forward with confidence and hope.

Each January, I pick a Major Arcana card which sets the tone for the year. Major Arcana cards are complex and full of symbolism, attributes and meaning. Compelling and deep, they are often seen as the heart of the tarot deck. When a Major Arcana card shows up in a reading, it holds more weight, saying to you, “look at me, I am important!” Who will hold your attention this year?

Can I get a drum roll? Our new fearless leader . . . . The Magician!

The Magician is the ultimate achiever. He is skillful, self-confident and powerful. He believes in himself and he is not afraid to act. He is the symbol of the beginning of something when everything is possible. This can correspond to almost anything, be it a creative project, a financial strategy or a new relationship. The Magician realizes his true potential by taking positive action and focusing his attention and energy on the task at hand. And, maybe, possibly, the use of a little bit of magic.

The Magician is ruled by the planet Mercury. This is important because as this new year turns, we are in the midst of something called Mercury Retrograde (turning direct on January 8th, 2017). Wait . . . what? Yes. I know. You thought we were racing right out of the gate, but, not so fast, Mercury has something to teach us. For more info, you can read my blog post on Mercury Retrograde here:

Entering a new year on a Mercury Retrograde means that things are going to be slow and contemplative during the first part of the year. In order to process and start the new chapter that 2017 offers, it looks like the universe is giving us some downtime in order to first make sense of where we are heading next. Many people shudder at the thought of Mercury Retrograde. You are not alone. But, if you are willing to shift your experience, you may find it is actually a dynamic and transformative period. A time when we can clear away what clouds our minds and see the truth of our conscience.

The Magician, given the number one, shows up to teach us the essential art of communication through language, speech and the written word. The number one indicates leadership and independence. It tells of new beginnings and changes, new starts and actions that will take initiative and determination. Leadership takes courage, strength, decisiveness, and focus. The Magician represents magnetism and strength, and a natural ability to understand. Mercury brings with it a dynamic energy, strong instinctive abilities, skill and agility.

The Magician is a master of languages, education and science. Is it time to go back to school to open yourself to future opportunities? He may represent either the enthusiastic student or dedicated teacher who enjoy the communication exchange and sharing knowledge.

What do you see in this card? I first notice the three vibrant colors of red, yellow and green. His red outer robe indicates material desire, passion and action. Yellow is creativity, protection and the intellect. The flowers and green are growth and adventure. Next, I am going to draw your eyes to the table in front of the Magician. Laid out, you will see 4 tools. These tools, which are the symbol for each of the four suits in the tarot deck are: The Wand, The Cup, The Sword and The Pentacle. With these tools he holds *all* the power over his world, and he can achieve anything and everything. The Magician has everything he needs to achieve any goal or complete any project. The Wand allows access to energy, drive and enthusiasm. The Cup provides emotional fulfillment, imagination and creativity. The Sword brings with it mental clarity, clear judgement, thoughts and ideas. The Pentacle offers patience and productivity. The Magician uses these four tools, and many others, to charm, entice and dazzle his audience.

With skill and intention, the Magician manipulates, awakens and energizes what currently has his attention. With grace and eloquence he charms the willing, and with his powers of persuasion he converts the holdouts.

I would love to say he is all positive energy and results, but, there is a flip side to our unique, talented and self-aware Magician. He can be deceptive, smooth talking and controlling. Used to having things done his way, he can be willful, petty, overly ambitious and determined.

Yes, he is an accomplished salesman and/or gifted public speaker who enthralls his audience with his articulation, speed of delivery and impressive statistics. He is a master of illusion and can easily use words to mold an experience in order to suit his own wants and needs. There may be hidden truths and possible deceit, so be sure to check the facts and don’t take words at face value.

The Magician holds the power in a situation and is very much in control of his thoughts. We have more power than we realize to change our circumstances.

Some questions to ask ourselves: Where should my attention and energy be focused at this time? How can I improve my communication skills? What is my goal/intention? Where might I benefit from using charm and grace in place of —- (your current MO)? Name the tools on your table. Is what I see real? Have I checked the facts? Where is my red cape? No red cape? Make list – item 1, BUY NEW RED CAPE b.c honey, you are going places this year!

Isn’t it time to find the Magic in you?

I wish you success. Happy New Year!

Email or post on my FB or Instagram page what you, as the Magician, plan for this year.

Did someone say adventure? I am available for private readings, skype sessions and small/large gatherings. Adventures in TAROT this winter. Let’s do it!

Until the next time . . .

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