High PriestessHello November!

Each year, summer turns to fall, fall rolls into Halloween and then, BOOM, it’s the holidays!  It is often this time of year when I begin to hear the lament “where did this year go?” or “I can’t believe it is almost the holidays” or, another familiar admission, “I still have so many things I planned to do this year”.

Time does pass quickly.

This year, things have been a bit different.   Between our government and the media, we are constantly getting hit with a new news story just as we are trying to process a current news story which came before we could come to terms with the last news story.   It is a lot to take in.

While my head has been spinning, we were recently hit with a disturbing and deeply protected bomb of a story.   The theme is not new, but, the depth, acceptance and pervasiveness were quite eye opening.   The initial story revealed the reality about the mistreatment of women in the entertainment industry.  From this story came many more stories.  Stories of women not only working as actresses, but, of women who work period.

This month, it felt like my life stopped as I read about experiences and heard the truth of what my friends, colleagues, sisters and overall gender have had to endure.   And sadly, it seems that everyone has a story.   How long have these stories been hidden and unheard?  And, more importantly, what happens next?

This month has been deep and thoughtful.  Sitting with this, I pulled our card of the month, the High Priestess.

Silent and knowing, the High Priestess may very well be one of the most difficult cards in the tarot deck to translate.  Her power and ability are veiled in mystery.  She speaks directly to your inner voice, your subconscious mind.  She is receptive, intuitive, silent and contained.  She functions through an awesome inner knowing.

The High Priestess is the Goddess of fertility  and is seen as a healer whose intuitive powers work to create harmony and inner-balance.  She asks you to listen very carefully to your inner voice, not the voice in your head, before making any decision.  She shows up to teach awareness.

Observing rather than participating, the High Priestess can also represent platonic love, manipulation, a pause in the process of something that was moving forward, or even a standstill, causing doubt and confusion.

In tarot, the High Priestess is the ruler of all that is hidden and secret, and is known as “the silent knower”.   She is the essence behind the scenes.  She knows what is really going on.

The High Priestess has a ‘Mother’ energy, implying one who works with their intuition on the highest levels.  Has anyone ever experienced an all knowing mother?  Or been one?

She is passive, private, detached, observant, calm, discreet, intuitive and sometimes psychic.   Her actions involve listening from within and keeping a secret.

She does have a dark side which could be described as chronic passivity, fear of exposure and/or holding back when engagement is needed.  When unintegrated, she can be superficial, distrustful, ignoring hunches and repressive of memories.

There are so many symbols and meanings woven into this card, biblically, astrologically, elementally and symbolically.   I like to pick an image to give you some depth and more meaning.  What image were you drawn to in the card? Reply or comment.  If it is not one I have chosen to speak of, I will reply with the meaning and significance.


Dina Priestess Video Pic

Some questions you can ask yourself this month in reflection:  Where have I intuitively chosen to say nothing? When has following my instinct on a hunch been dead on?  In what area of my life would I be well served to detach myself emotionally?  How might I learn to trust myself better?  What is really going on?  How did my mother know so much when I told/tell her so little?

The High Priestess is a metaphor for our lives, so much is mysterious and unknown.   If we are honest with ourselves, using our power of awareness and intuition, we will soon find the path to a solution.

Figuring things out for ourselves and being more self reliant can start the cycle for a healing experience.

The High Priestess asks you to maintain faith even through the hard times you may face on this journey.

As time continues to pass quickly, through the holidays and this busy time of year, be in the moment, find your perfect balance and then finish that list of things you planned to do this year.

I wish you success.

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Until the next time . . . .

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