Ace of Wands

Hello December!

SO . . .  November happened.    While it is my goal is to stay neutral with the aim of alienating no one and inviting all to gain from the insight of the tarot, I also want to acknowledge, it has been a challenging month.   Clients, friends, acquaintances, yoga classmates, party guests and many others are all asking . . . what now?  What should/can I do?  With that, I looked to the tarot for a path, direction, understanding and wisdom on how to advise a way forward.   

My deck responded with assertive confidence . . . . .  ACE OF WANDS!

Are you ready for an adventure?    Are you ready to get moving in a new direction?  Be sure to pack your passion, energy and creativity.

Aces represent the beginning.  As in, the beginning of each suit in a card deck (tarot or other).  They stand out from the other cards, as if in a circle of their own light.    The Ace is filled with the limitless energy of the element, which in this case is fire.

What does unlimited fire look like?

Fire is energy, enthusiasm, action, inspiration, a desire and craving for challenge,  a call to action, a yearning to travel or to just get moving.    Wands are feisty, fiery, sometimes temperamental and often thrive on challenges, engagement and/or may possibly be seeking clash or competition.

Wands energy is fiercely competitive.  It throws itself into the mix, pursuing a challenging project bringing along with it a natural self confidence and high self esteem.

Combine the Ace and Wand and there is excitement in the air.  The energy is almost palpable.    Clearly, something magical is about to happen.

The Ace of Wands is often a sign of proverbial fog clearing and the light of imagination and inspiration taking a front seat.  This card may show up after a difficult or stormy time. The Ace of Wands is a bright and eye opening time that rushes in with a burst of movement, flow, intention, ambition and positive energy.

Ace of Wands is sexy and hot.  New relationship?  A tryst while you are travelling?    Or, a new stage in an existing relationship which shows a deepened commitment and/or possibly starting or considering an addition to the family.  Things are definitely happening here and the word is fun, laughter, enthusiasm, and . . . . high activity!

The immediate image in the card that draws my attention is the wand itself.  You have to admit, it is hard to miss.  This wand is very much alive, it is sprouting leaves which indicate new life, new beginnings and potential from within.   If you noticed the wand, surely you beheld the ethereal hand which appeared from a cloud in order to hold that wand.  Did you notice the ‘Thumbs Up’ position?  If this isn’t a green light or a sign from the universe, what is??

Short pause for a visualization:  Envision this is a relay race and the hand is currently holding the baton (the wand dressed up as POWER).  Each runner does their part and then passes the assumed baton to the next runner.  While you hold the baton, it is not time to sit still, it is a time for movement and action.

The Ace of Wands asks you to believe in yourself, use your creative powers to act, and allow others to see what you can do.  If you are ready to be bold and make your move, you may just surprise yourself of how inspirational you are to those around you.   Your path forward will become clear.

Questions to ask yourself:  Are you make decisions for you or under the guise of what is expected of you?  Is the baton being offered to you . . . or will you grab hold of it yourself?    What empowering action are you considering?  What is the big picture – and how will this manifest?  Have you made travel plans? Is it getting hot in here?

It is time to take that fiery wand and light your fire.

For those in NYC and looking for an adventure . . . . or maybe just an impromptu reading, I will be a guest reader tonight  (December 1st) from 7-11 PM  at Raoul’s restaurant located at 180 Prince street,

I am available for private events and individual readings.    Or feel free to reach out with any thoughts, comments and shared experiences.

Until the next time . . . .

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