Queen of SwordsHello February!

January was a busy month full of curiosity and interest.  Individual, private readings and party guests alike have been asking similar reading guidance from me . . . to share insight into the energy and expectations for this new year.

Another question I have also been fielding is around the topic of how I started with tarot.  The truth is, before there was tarot in my life, there was astrology.  As I learned tarot, I learned other disciplines which added depth, including numerology.  These three areas of study, along with my intuition, have allowed me to go deeper, identify specific characteristics and traits, define dates and timing and see things that are hidden in plain sight.

I often cite astrological affiliations and characteristics, but, today I am going to try something new.  Below, I am going to pull back the curtain and show you how numerology and tarot can work together.  I am going to show you how I use numerology when speaking about the year ahead.

Numerologists are able to determine energy, tone and feel for a person or event from a number.   The Universal Year is a gentle nudge, not a hard push.  It gives us an energy guideline of sorts, for the year.

By adding each number of a given year in a simple math equation,  we are able to predict the tendencies of the coming year.   We use the current year, which is universally recognized.

Some years are very direct and straight forward and we get one number.  This year is not one of those years.  This year we get two numbers.

Let’s do the math for this year:  2+0+1+8=11   1+1=2.  This year from January 1- December 31st we will all be living in an 11/2 year.    This year gives us a Master Number 11 and its reduction to 2.

Here is a simplified explanation of what this means:

When a number is doubled (ie – 11, 22, 33), it is called a Master Number.   A Master Number is more intense, always pushing us deeper, commanding that we grow and evolve.  11 is the number of illumination and intuition and always brings new revelations.

A Universal 2 year has a slower energy.    It can be a time to build patience as delays and frustrations arise.  It is a time to be more other-oriented, focusing on love, relationships and emotions.

These two energies can sometimes feel at odds.  So, you ask, what does a year with these two conflicting energies look and feel like?

2018 will be a year of action, mixed with delays and diversions.  This is a year to step into your power, detach from those we find draining, and create a support systems that works for you.    This will not always be easy.  And, for that reason, these opportunities are often character building.

Master number years can be humbling, but if the lessons are well learned you will emerge knowing how to be diplomatic, patient and compassionate.

Let’s now take this energy and combine it with our tarot card of the month, the Queen of Swords.  Please note that both men and women can take on queen or king energy, this description applies to all:

The Queen of Swords combines the internal focus of a queen with the razor sharp intellect that is the suit of swords.

Sharp, smooth, shrewd, and sophisticated, this queen admires honesty above all else.  She has no time for games, tricks or lies.  The Queen of Swords is experienced in the ways of the world, good and bad.  She can size up a situation quickly.  She is straightforward and direct, you know exactly where you stand with her.

Intelligent, perceptive, insightful, you may be surprised to know that this queen is also witty and engaging.  Yes, she can be quite talkative, has a sense of humor and likes a good laugh.

Methodical, detail oriented and analytical, she is easily able to detach herself from a situation.  She trusts herself and her decision making process implicitly.  A born problem solver, she sees what needs to be done and can spot a scheme or scam a mile away.

When not operating at her best, this queen can be a cynic, given to sarcasm, perfectionism and extreme criticism of herself or others.  This queen has had her share of life struggles and can be uncompromising in relationships.  You may detect a loneliness or need for companionship about her, or an air of sadness around her.

As mentioned above, I also pick up meaning from some of the symbols in the cards.   Here is what it all means:

When the Queen of Swords comes up, she asks you to think and feel like she does.  Some questions you can ask yourself this month, from her perspective:  Are you being completely honest?  Are you getting right to the point?  Do you see the humor in the situation?  Have you figured out what is really going on?  Are you being fooled by someone?

The Queen of Swords and the Master/Universal number give us a very clear picture of how to move forward this month/year. It is time to start paying attention.   Be candid and direct while still keeping your sense of humor.  Be aware of what drains you and takes your attention away from what really matters.  Know or figure out what really matters.

No one can know all of your experiences, or how you put them together to form your view of the world.  Trust your good judgement.  Be diplomatic, compassionate and don’t forget to have fun!

Did you enjoy learning about numerology?  Will you approach this year differently with this knowledge?   I am looking to add the most value to you in this newsletter.  Please feel free to share your honest feedback.

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Until the next time . . . .

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