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Hello June!

I hope it was a relax and recharge kind of holiday weekend.   Lately, I have have found it has been challenging to balance it all and move forward in a straight line.  Being the mom of three busy and active kids, I often find that my personal ‘to-do’ list has become more like the ‘when-you-have-time’ list.  We all seem to be so busy and over-scheduled these days.   Lately, for me, this seems heightened.  At the current moment, I am handling two very important issues for my children, both of which appear to have lengthy, multiple step solutions.    What I am currently experiencing has been eye opening.   Each situation, though different, involves a process which has been slow moving and arduous.  The upside is, I am learning that where there is constriction, there is also an opportunity for expansiveness.   And, due to the slow movement of both matters, a new level of awareness is possible.  Because this is not all happening in the immediate right now, I am less emotional, and able to pull back from the situation at times.Though this is not my normal operating procedure (truth: I can be emotional), I have found it to be somewhat refreshing.  Like so many others, I am figuring it out.   I pull a card each month not only for you, but, for me as well.   I am very much on this ride right along side of you heading towards a positive outcome as we ride out the bumps together.

Our card for June is the Six of Swords.

Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords is the “it’s getting better” card.  Traditionally,  it says, whatever you are going through, this card represents a reprieve from that.   Rough and bumpy waters moving to a smooth and more placid  time.  But really, this just scratches the surface.

Life is about trial and error.  Being willing to take the good with the bad.    Nothing is all good or all bad.  By learning to live through these ups and downs the hope is that we will (at some point) be able to take a crappy situation and make it better.     I see this card as a looking back and re-evaluating one’s decisions.   Asking yourself, where have I come from, what has brought me to this current reality?    We are all trying to figure something out for ourselves.  Having new perspective and using logic to approach a situation can provide an opening to start figuring it out in a better way.  The Six of Swords is fairness, impartiality, awareness, willingness to learn and curiosity.

Tarot As A Mirror

The cards act as a mirror into our lives.  I ask you to consider which figure represents you on this boat ride?  First take a look at the picture in the card, and consider your choice.  Next, listen to what I have to say about each figure.    Be sure to come back!

Did anything surprise you?  Has your decision changed?

As I mentioned in my video.  The black pole signifies progress.  The boat only moves when the pole touches the very bottom.  If asked to translate this from the language of tarot, I would say success and movement comes from keeping in touch with the basics.  Knowing your basic motives and goals is a great tool for navigation.

Questions to ask:  How will I best navigate this issue/situation?  Who holds the proverbial pole at this time?  Who else should I consider in my choices and actions?   Am I running away from something?  Who can I trust/rely on?  What does my happy ending look like?  What am I most confident about?  How can I change my physical surroundings?  How can I streamline my travel plans?

In our busy lives, we are all trying to figure out the best way forward.  It is not always the easiest way forward.   It has been my personal experience that there are often unseen hands at work and that assistance comes from unexpected places.  With more focus and less emotion, what I was not able to see at first glance, is now more clear.   The Six of Swords provides a deeper understanding of what we are working with and a path to a more well thought out decision.

We ride the boat together.

You are not alone.

I wish you success.

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Until the next time . . . .

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