TemperanceHello January 2018 and Happy New Year to all!

2017 tested and challenged us in ways we could not have predicted at this time last year.  Curve balls were thrown – and some were caught.   Facts were dressed up as fabrication.  Rugs were pulled out from under our feet –  and we got creative finding new ways to maintain our balance.      I imagine leaving 2017 as I would feel removing a battered dirty coat of armor that has now outlived its use.

I, for one, am happy to abandon this heavy coat that I have worn throughout 2017.  I have grown tired of the constant fight, defensive stance and push back.  I am ready for a different approach.

Unknown to me at the time, I actually started this new approach last month.  For me (and maybe you too?), December is the busiest month of the year.  Holiday parties are in full swing and I so am I!  Finding the time to get the perfect gift for everyone and fit in all of the extra commitments is a stopwatch challenge.  My usual plan is to make lists and start early.  Somehow, this year, my to-do list became larger than the time I had to give to it.  So, there I was, approaching mid-December feeling stressed.  Somewhere between a family milestone birthday celebration and a train ride out to Long Island for a tarot party, I realized I had lost the joy in the act of giving.  I needed to take a step back.   This needed to change.  Now.

The people in my life who make me feel seen, heard and special, deserve to feel the same way in return.  I took time to write a meaningful note with each gift.   I then re-wrote my to-do list with clearer intentions.   Next, I placed an order for items to be delivered to our local shelter.  This shelter creates holiday bags with what is donated, to allow the homeless feel the joy of receiving something special.

And, this is where my shift began.

At the doorstep of 2018, I leave my coat of armor.

In exchange, I am prepared to step into my new, clean, white flowing gown.

The gown worn by Temperance.

What insight, wisdom and understanding might we learn about 2018?   Temperance sets the tone for the year.   If learned correctly, difficult things can become easy and that which seemed impossible becomes possible.

Temperance shifts us from the busy-ness, seed planting, effort and hard work of 2017 to the energy of cooperation, harmony and connections of 2018.  Temperance is the lesson of the balanced heart.

Temperance is accommodating, conciliatory, tolerant, adaptable, modest and resourceful.

Temperance indicates patience, control, moderation and balance.   Temperance may ask you to re-assess a situation that you thought to be in your past, but has re-emerged to be dealt with once again.  It speaks of strengths we gain from the challenges that we face.

Answers and insights are coming to you.  Balance, focus and planned action are your new process.

As beautiful this card and message are, all cards have their upsides and downsides.  The downside of this card can be s/he who plays the martyr.  Are you running on empty from putting out fires everywhere?  Have you been paying attention to everyone and everything with the exception of yourself?   Do you find you are lashing out, feeling angry or are withdrawing into yourself with mixed feelings?  If so, you know the shadow side of Temperance.

Forgiving those who have brought sadness or pain is one of our biggest challenges.    Temperance asks us to find beauty, healing, clarity and understanding in a situation.  Though this is something that does take time (we have all year), gifting yourself with the willingness to let something that has festered go is gifting yourself with new, fresh, clean air and the ability to see the world with new eyes.

Temperance is the astrological sign of Sagittarius which is adaptable, curious, optimistic, freedom loving, and philosophical.   Sagittarius is also associated with teaching, travel and learning.  This may be a year for you to return to school, or take a course.

Each title card has a function.  I think the function of Temperance might surprise you.  Watch here:

Dina Temperance pic






The function of Temperance is anger.  Surprising or predictable?  At quick glance, Temperance looks to be a bit “Zen”, all rainbows and unicorns.  He is quite content to relax and soak up the good vibes.  But, don’t let those expansive red wings bursting through with energy and passion fool you.  New possibilities are always there, waiting to be tapped.  Anger, if channeled correctly, can be a great source of motivation.   Temperance simply asks you to be patient so you can act with precision when the timing is right.

We have all year to think about how Temperance may play out in our lives this year.  Here are some questions for you to consider:  How can you create more peace and balance in your life?    Are you able to see both sides of an argument?  Do you go with the flow or is change more of a struggle?   Where is anger showing up in your life and how are you using it?  What thoughts and actions can you merge together to create something new?  What if you did not play the peacemaker?   What are you ready to release or change?  What is your deepest desire for 2018?

I am listening and would love to hear from you.

In 2018, maybe you will work hard and reach a new level of success, find love in a wonderfully unexpected way, do some personal work and are create a new path for yourself, devote yourself to your family, decide to move to a new part of the country/world, or be (finally) happily cozy and comfortable exactly where you are.

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness  . . . . may it be yours.

Until the next time . . . .


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