Lord of Abundance

Lord of Abundance

Hello December!

This past month, I had a milestone high school reunion.   Our zany, extroverted, funny and fearless high school class president has been shaking the tree and rallying the troops for months, urging everyone to come and celebrate.  We all noted, she hasn’t changed much!

But, social media *has* changed things greatly since my high school years.  Her outrageous and amusing daily postings on FB became a safe space for joking, banter and amusement that we all came to look forward to as the reunion approached.   It was no real surprise, the turnout was high.    

I count myself as greatly fortunate to have had the high school experience that I did.   We were not without our teenage angst, struggles and issues, but we did have a cohesiveness that I am not sure I understood or appreciated at the time.  

Going back, connecting with old friends, spending times with old classmates, revisiting fun times and sharing new, has been one of the very highest points of my year.    

At the reunion, anyone entering this festive event space would have noticed the energy and connectivity in the room.  The smiles were ear to ear, the hugs were warm and genuine, and the pictures being snapped, shared and posted were non-stop.  Conversation came easily and the interest we shared with one another was real.  

Aside from the planned, large, main gathering, there were also many improptu smaller gatherings that popped up all over the weekend.  

At one of these smaller, more intimate gatherings, while laughing with old friends like I haven’t in years, it struck me how well my old friends know me.  We have scattered to different parts of the country, gotten busy in our careers, have family responsibilities and chaotic lives to juggle, and yet, we are still connected.  We have lived through marriage, loss of loved ones, children, career bumps and changes, relocations and moves, and more,  and yet, we are still connected. 

I feel a theme coming!

It is with this that I lead you directly in to our final card of the year, the Three of Cups.   

Three of Cups is a card of community, friendship, harmonious relationships, optimism, celebration, socializing, festivities and accomplishment.

This card’s positive message is about the magic of shared feelings and emotions, of letting your emotions (and their limits) known.  It is about communicating and connecting with those who inhabit your inner world.

Cups are the suit of emotions, the subconscious, love and spirituality. 

Few cards in the tarot deck (3 to be exact) focus on a group dynamic.     In this card we see 3 women of equal importance dancing together, their arms reaching out in shared feeling and community.  This is a nurturing and bonding dance of support and love.  

The number 3 is associated with the supremely benefic planet of Jupiter which embodies qualities such as good fortune, abundance and positive spirit.  In this card it expresses an outpouring of joy within a close circle of friends.  

The Three of Cups is sociable, joyful, playful, affectionate and loyal.  

Actions involving the Three of Cups may be joining in, experiencing an emotional breakthrough, extending good will, or finding your ‘tribe’.  

When the Three of Cups is not working to its fullest potential there can be concerns of over-dependency on group acceptance, loss of connection with a close friend, isolation, feeling that you must conform to the groups way of thinking or tendency towards excess.

Interested in what the picture in the card means?  A short walk through the card and a funny but true nugget from my original tarot teacher shared here: 


Dina 3 of cups pic

Some questions that you might ask yourself through a 3 of Cups lens: What does it feel like to join with others?  Who is welcoming you with open arms?  What is friendship and community?    How can you grow the feeling of community in your life?   When did you last celebrate or share appreciation for a cherished friend? Where can I pick up one of those BIG golden goblets as a celebrate the seasons, friends and the new year to come? 

Life moves quickly.  

Keeping ties to those who know you, care about you and bring you joy is a gift you can give yourself no matter what time of year.  

Let your true self be known.  

Be joyful, playful and social.

Say yes to new experiences.  

Put yourself out there.

Help others.

Find joy and abundance in the connections in your life.   

In the spirit of the holidays, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and all else that is good in the world, I wanted to extend an offer to YOU, my loyal and devoted readers.

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Interested?  Email me at dina@dinaberrin.com.

‘Tis the season to stay connected!  

Until the next time . . .  

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