3 of wands imageHello August!

Have you ever been through cycles when certain topics seem to become a recurring theme?

Time is one of our most valued commodities.  Podcasts, Ted Talks, articles and books speak of time management, gaining control of your time, saving time, figuring out where your time goes and more.

Where and how we spend our time is reflected in our work, relationships, appearance and how we live.

Several months ago I did a fun/experimental exercise in a book I had been reading.  The task was to write down, from start to finish, my perfect day.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Who would I see, where would I go, what would get done, etc?    I packed that day from start to finish.    Maybe I bent the rules a bit  . . . I am pretty sure that I logged at least 28 hours.

In the next step, I was asked to compare my current actual day to this fictitious ideal day.

Given a moment to step back as an observer, it made me ask myself:  Where is my time being spent? Am I focusing on the things that really matter to me?

These questions bring us to our card of the month, the Three of Wands.

Wands are the element of fire and represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire.

Three’s represent manifestation, growth and (things and situations that are) unfolding.

The Three of Wands is the image of the entrepreneurial spirit, and a card of vision and foresight.   All things seem new and possible.    You have put in a lot of hard work and you are now waiting to see the results.

I know that restless feeling of just wanting to know how things will go, where the outcome will take you, eager and ready to move along.   Who wants to hear the word wait?  Not me.  But, here I am, pressing pause.

The Three of Wands is about what happens during the wait period.  No thumb twiddling, social media scrolling or time wasting here!  Now is the time to see what was missed in the flurry leading up to this point.   What extra information can be gathered?  Where should you be looking, watching and learning more?   In this waiting period where all you have is time, your task is to find clarity and focus.  Along the way, if all goes as planned, you will also find patience.

This card can signify a turning point for you.   Success and good fortune await, along with a note of caution.    Be sure to keep your ego in check.   Pay attention to the small details and your day to day responsibilities.    When we walk with intention instead of eagerly running ahead we diminish the risk of tripping over our own two feet.

On the flip side, this card can indicate something of a “wandering eye syndrome” – whether in a relationship or personal situation.  If you have mixed emotions about someone or something, the message is to sort out what you are looking to achieve. Determine what others are expecting of you and what you expect of yourself.

The Three of Wands is the only card in the deck where the figure has his back completely turned to us.    Learn about this and also some other card symbolism here:

Some questions/ideas to think about this month: What/who have I turned my back on?  Am I intentionally ignoring something (and why)?  What do I need to be aware of right now?   What results are my past actions bringing back to me?    What have I gained from being patient?  What is sprouting/growing?  Should I start my own private garden?

Time is our most valuable asset.  You get to choose how to spend it.  Seek out a new adventure,  look for greater possibilities,  create your ideal day and then go out there an live it.

Do the work.  Share it here.

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Until the next time. . . .

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